What We Do For You

Sort & Organize


We are organizational experts!  We work both efficiently and effectively  through your home top to bottom sorting and organizing your items taking great care to pull any family photos, personal letters and or birthday cards placing in a separate container we refer to as your "Homework".  You have the opportunity to go through the items deciding whether or not it's something you'd like to keep or sell prior to us beginning. 



Presentation is EVERYTHING!  We arrange/rearrange your home and the contents similar to a boutique.  Items are placed where they make sense.  We're celebrating your treasures making them most appealing to our Buyers.  We prepare each Sale like we are expecting company in our own home.  A well-organized and staged home is synonymous with a successful Sale!

Research & Price


As you walk through the home you may be contemplating, "What is it?", "I wonder what that's worth?!"  If we don't already know, we will do extensive research to find the answer(s).  We will get the most money for your family's life-long possessions.

Conduct a Three Day Estate Sale (Sometime Four Days)


Each Sale is customized based on size, volume and situation.  Together we decide what's best for your Estate Sale.

Amy is a former Realtor. She offers an additional perspective/experience working with Realtors, as well as, a deep understanding regarding the time constraints of closings.  It is  imperative that the home is cleaned-out well before the deadline!

Additionally, if you have a HOA/Home Owner's Association, we will work closely with them to ensure all rules and/or regulations are obeyed.

Pack Remaining Unsold Items


After the Sale, we will gladly assist by packing the remaining unsold items for Charity pick-up followed by broom cleaning.

We offer Premier Estate Sale Services!



3 days after the Sale concludes, a check  and reports will be mailed to the Seller via Priority Mail/Tracking .