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How to Select a Company

Is the Estate Sale Company the right fit for you & your family?

After navigating through our site, we hope that you've found it informative and have a clear understanding of what you can expect from our Premier Estate Sale Services.  With that being said, due diligence is a must ensuring that whatever company you select is the right fit for you and your family.

Listed below are several links to articles  by the National Estate Sales Association & MarketWatch providing you with questions to ask, red flags to be aware of, 10 things Estate Sale Companies won't tell you, etc.  All are important for you to know and clearly understand when deciding what company you will entrust with the care of your family's possessions/money. 

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10 Things Estate Sales Won't Tell You | MarketWatch


Estate Sales Information | Articles about Estate Sales | NESA (National Estate Sales Association)


We welcome the opportunity to be among the companies you interview!