Selller Testimonial - Greg Berry/Benbrook, TX

" This was my first experience with an estate sale and Sage Patina Estate Sales couldn’t have made it anymore easy and comfortable for me. I had interviewed several potential estate sales individuals before Sage Patina, but after meeting them and discussing what was involved and the process, I cancelled my appointments with the others, because they were the ones for the job. They certainly didn’t disappoint. They tirelessly sorted, staged, and priced all belongings in the entire house and then put on one of the best 3-day sales ever! They operate with true professionalism, ethically, and true respect for you and your property. After the sale the house was vacuumed and wiped downed and looked great! I will be the first to recommend Sage Patina Estate Sales. 

Thank you, Chris and Amy, for all you did!   Thank you, Greg"



SAGE PATINA Estate Sales Fort Worth, TX

Seller Testimonial - Ali Gencalp/Fort Worth, TX

"Sage Patina Estate Sales is run by Amy & Chris.  I never meet them before. They were recommended to me by a friend.  After I sold my house and moved to an apartment, there was lots of furniture, china, glassware and other household items we accumulated when we were stationed overseas with the Government for a long time.  I didn’t know how to get rid of them and had no knowledge of how an Estate Sale works.  I signed a contract with Amy & Chris and turned over all the items I wanted to get rid of to them.  They sorted the items, priced them, sold them in three days, cleaned the house, and gave me my check from the sale and that was it.  I didn’t even move a finger.  They took care of everything.  I was very happy with their performance and I highly recommend them." 



Seller Testimonial - Susie Bowie, Realtor - Coldwell Banker/Coppell, TX

"We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work, patience and professionalism throughout the entire process of the estate sale at my mother’s home.   As you know it was a sensitive time for her and you handled us both kindly and calmly which is much appreciated.   We were impressed with your tireless preparation!   Your presentation was spot on from the sorting, organizing, pricing and staging.  Well done! 

We are so grateful for your diligent efforts and work ethic through the entire process.   Once the sale was complete, the home had been vacuumed and wiped down, no one would ever suspect that hundreds of people had been through the home in the past 3 days!   At every step, the two of you were patient, kind, and encouraging.   We could not have asked for more from estate sale professionals!   I invite you to share this with any prospective clients or feel free to have them call me. I will most definitely be recommending you and will share your contact information with other realtors in the area."

June Testimonial


Seller Testimonial - Rich & Gail Stofer/McKinney, TX

"We just completed an extremely well done and very successful Estate Sale with SAGE PATINA. We were so fortunate to find Amy and Chris Kite to manage our sale and we couldn't have been more pleased.  The sale was set up beautifully, Chris and Amy were wonderful to work with and many friends and neighbors who attended the sale remarked how friendly and helpful Amy and Chris were during the sale. We would highly recommend SAGE PATINA!" 

May Testimonial


Seller Testimonial - Becky Hargis/Corinth, TX

" I am so happy that I found SAGE PATINA to conduct an estate sale for me.  They both are tireless workers that sorted, staged and priced an entire house full of belongings.  The sale was great! They sent me an e-mail at the end of each day detailing the amount of sales in each category.  Then after the sale they boxed and bagged what was left and called the Salvation Army to come pick it up and bring me the tax deductible receipt.  What could be easier?  They are wonderful and honest people and it was a pleasure to have had them conduct my sale."

March/April Testimonial


Seller Testimonial - Don & Peggy Davidson

"Chris & Amy were a delight to work with!  They know the Estate Sale business inside and out.  They are hard workers with the highest integrity who will get the job done from beginning to end.  We highly recommend them!"



Seller Testimonial - James Willard

" First off I interviewed 4 well qualified groups to handle my estate sale. Chris and Amy were eager and excited about helping me with my sale. Much more than the other 3 well qualified companies. Their excitement was the difference in what was a very hard decision.

Amy and Chris were amazing. I gave them a house FULL of stuff which was unoccupied for about 7 years. They cleaned, staged, cataloged and priced everything in 9 days. The house looked amazing!

On the sale day I stopped by just to check things out. They had over 40 cars outside my house at 10:10. The sale started at 10! So their marketing efforts were a success in my opinion. The house was filled like “ants at a picnic”!

What I really appreciated the most was a full report at the end of each sale day. They emailed me an itemized list of what sold and the days net sales. It was over the top! Such organization!

One of my interview questions I’d ask, “roughly what might I see for gross sales from this sale”? I got answers from $3000-$20,000... of all the estimates I received, Amy and Chris were the most accurate. And honestly that’s not the reason I hired them as they weren’t the highest... but I believe they were the BEST!

I absolutely would hire them again NO QUESTIONS!"

December/January Testimonial


Seller Testimonial - Ken Moring

"Probably the best investment I've ever made!   They worked three times harder than I did and I worked pretty hard.   A complete Turn key solution! If you don't go with them, you're making a mistake."

December Testimonial


Seller Testimonial - Karen Jaume

"We recently had an estate sale of items of some of my mother's items. I looked into several companies to conduct the sale, and chose Sage Patina. Amy's explanation of what would happen and when was re-assuring to me. One of the other companies seemed to want to rush through everything with only one day of preparation. Amy and Chris went through the house and organized everything into boutique style displays. Everything looked GREAT! They found items I had forgotten about or didn't know about. When something came into question, one of them would always contact me for clarification (did I want to keep an item or put it up for sale). All of the preparation for the sale occurred while I was in the hospital, so I couldn't oversee it. But I didn't need to worry. They stayed in touch and conducted an awesome sale. I would highly recommend their service! Job well done and two of the nicest people I've met. "


SAGE PATINA Estate Sales

Seller Testimonial - Melinda Walton

" We could not be more pleased with the job that Sage Patina did on my grandmother's house. Together, they sorted, organized, and lovingly displayed 50+ years of household items and memories. There is no way we as a family could have managed that task with all the emotions that were stirred up by some of the items that were brought out. Their professionalism was appreciated, as well as their personal attention to detail. Amy went above and beyond to grant a small request for me personally that she had absolutely no obligation to grant. It is this type of kindness that made her and Chris both a pleasure to work with. We will definitely call on them in the future if and when the need arises!"



Seller Testimonial - Carol & Don Barbee

"Sage Patina were the best to work with for our sale. A lovely couple who deliver more than promised and always with a smile. We were more than pleased with the results. I would highly recommend the services of Sage Patina Estate Sales."



Seller Testimonial - Krista Arnn Safrit & Kyle Arnn

"SAGE PATINA was very professional and honest about our parents' estate items and the cost it would be to conduct the sale.  They made the house look amazing, took the remaining items away for donation, and left the place looking very clean.  We were very pleased and will recommend SAGE PATINA to our friends."

June Testimonial


Seller Testimonial - Danielle Rutland, June 2018

"I had no idea what to expect with an estate sale. Our family was moving to a new home and left about 80% of our home furniture, décor, kids items, etc. behind for the estate sale. Chris and Amy were great with communicating all the steps of the process keeping us well informed all the way. Amy's ability to merchandise your items for sale is an incredible skill. It was hard resisting to take back some items I chose to leave behind. They are very thorough, professional and price your items so strategically that by the third day of the sale almost everything has sold! They operate with such integrity and ethical behavior - they found items we'd thought we'd lost over the years like a class ring, small electronics and personal items. 

They would often check with us on items to be sure that we wanted them sold as opposed to assuming. I would trust Amy and Chris with any business transaction. They came freely in and out of our home while we were still living in it and once we'd moved - they had a key and would always tell us when they were on their way or leaving for a bite to eat - even when we weren't there! Outstanding professional and courteous business people - HIGHLY recommend them for your estate sale!"

June Testimonial


Seller Testimonial - Bill & Kathy Bazemore, June 2018

"After interviewing numerous Estate Sale companies, we chose Sage Patina and it proved to be the best decision we could have made. From our first meeting with Amy and Chris everything was very professional, courteous and efficient. The attention to detail was incredible. They transformed our home into a showplace where each room felt like a tiny boutique. The sale went smoothly with Amy, Chris and their staff doing a fantastic job. Amy and Chris are a wonderful husband and wife team who under promise and over deliver. If you are looking to have an estate sale look no further as Sage Patina outshines all the rest!" 

May Testimonial


Seller Testimonial - Nancy Skinner, May 2018

"Amazing company, Amy & Chris are so professional and easy to work with.  Sold hundreds of items, cleaned everything, staging incredible, wonderful sale, house spotless at the end.  THE company to hire!'

We Treasure Our Testimonials


Seller Testimonial - Sandra Padgett, April 2018

 "Chris & Amy are very dedicated to the success of their sales.  They work very hard to make sure all the little details are taken care of.  They are always available for questions and handle your special requests cheerfully.  The house was spotless when they left.  They certainly saved me a lot of work and headaches.  I would use them again." 

Seller Testimonial - Denise Wade, March 2018

"Wonderful! From the first phone call to the exchange at the end, I couldn’t have asked for a better company. They are trustworthy, passionate about what they do and personal. I highly recommend this company and would hire them to handle my estate sale all over again. The entire process was peaceful and amazingly handled. They are true professionals!!!!"

Seller Testimonial - Jaclyn & John Raymond, January 2018


"A wonderful experience!!! I’ve never been to an estate sale or had one before. So I was pretty clueless and skeptical of the process going in. That was until I spoke with Amy. I did a lot of research and spoke to about 20 companies. She was actually the second one I spoke to and I knew from that very first conversation that Sage Patina was the company I was going to hire. She was very caring to my personal circumstances going on and was not pushy in any way. She worked with my uncertainty of when the sale needed to take place and carefully guided me through the process. She and Chris kept me informed of every time they were arriving to sort and stage my items, they kept a personal stack of items as they sorted that they thought I would want or may have overlooked and even rounded up loose change and gave it to me. 


They are very honest and heart felt people!!! If they said they were going to do something or be somewhere they did it. I never worried about them keeping to their schedule or word. They were very organized and detailed in everything they did. They always had a smile on their face and were happy and excited to be doing what they were doing. They love their career path and it radiates from their faces. Due to the research they do on items for pricing and the staging expertise they possess, almost everything sold! I was amazed! They represented my home and my items with the most upright respect. They went above and beyond in everything they did. I really enjoyed their company and personal conversation. 


Simply put, they are wonderful people both on a personal level as well as a professional level. One thing that attracted me to their company was that they charged one flat percentage. There wasn’t any minimums that had to be sold or any hidden or added fees. When the sale was over, they wiped my counters down and swept the floors. My house was empty and looked great! If I had to do it all over again, I would 100% hire an estate sale company and not attempt to do it myself and I would 100% hire Chris and Amy with Sage Patina all over again! Thank you for all you did! You were both amazing and a blessing to my family!!!"

Seller Testimonial - Peter Cornelis & Roxanne Lowery, December 2017

"Sage Patina delivers exceptional service on every level. Amy and Chris are savvy, efficient and thoroughly professional; every detail was attended to with care, focus and ingenuity. Above all, they were kind and compassionate, making what was bound to be an emotional experience very comfortable AND profitable, and they guided us through the process every step of the way. Their superior skills in marketing and using social media, as well as their brilliance in staging and photographing our items, made our sale a tremendous success—despite a snowstorm! We cannot recommend Amy and Chris highly enough!"

Seller Testimonial - Nancy Juneau, November 2017

"Amazing - Sage Patina totally exceeded our expectations! They were very professional and thorough every step of the way. They even brought in additional experts to assist in pricing such as jewelry, antiques, furniture etc. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”

Seller Testimonial - Christie Smith, October 2017

"Absolutely the greatest experience ever! I wasn't sure how to move or downsize. A friend recommended an estate sale. The greatest move ever! Amy & Chris took care of everything. I literally took what I wanted and left the rest! I made a killing! I got paid! Instead of paying for a moving company & packing all my belongings, paying for storage that would have been in the double digits I walked away from everything. Amy & Chris turned it into a fortune! My house looked like a mini Hobby Lobby / Academy, my friends called me bragging about Sage Patina and how well they were treated, what great buys were there and how quick they were in and out. I highly recommend Sage Patina to you and your family. They are a blessing!" 

We Treasure Our Testimonials - Years Ago

Seller Testimonial - Arthur Perlis, 2016

"Both Ken and I cannot possibly thank you enough for the fabulous services provided to us by both your company and you personally in running the estate sale at Bonaventure for our mother.  You and your company are by far the most professional, service oriented, and diligent company we've ever had the pleasure of employing.  As a sales, marketing and manufacturing executive myself with 40+ years of experience in various forms of product liquidations, it really takes a lot to impress me, but you were your own...merchandised the sale better than a retail store...received realistic returns from your customers...packed and shipped our personal treasures back to Boston better than Bloomingdales...cleaned and polished the apartment after the sale had ended better than a cleaning service...ALL of which was accomplished in a 4 day time period!  We have many friends in all areas of the country, especially South Florida, and we will be recommending you to all in need of your services!"     

Seller Testimonial - Joan Mierzwa, 2014

 "Amy and Chris, I want to thank you for all your hard work and the successful sale that you held for us this weekend. You both are wonderful and I was very happy with your dedication and professionalism that you put into all you and your company does. Not only did you do great work but you went over and above what I had expected from you and your company. I will definitely recommend you and your company to anyone that I know that is looking to have a sale."   

Seller Testimonial - Susan & David Bennett, 2013

"Amy & Chris are remarkable! They came into a house that had sixty-five years of history packed away in every room and attic space and turned all those treasures of a life well spent into an amazing Estate Sale. They worked tirelessly uncovering, researching, preparing and staging all of my family mementos. Their keen sense of value and business acumen resulted in a very successful sale. They made what could have been a very stressful situation into a joyful experience. We can recommend them with the highest enthusiasm and confidence."