The Process - Reasons for an Estate Sale. SAGE PATINA = Your Key to Relief


Free Evaluation

Together we will coordinate a time to meet and evaluate your home and circumstance/situation at no cost to you.  

From small to large homes and everything in between, we've done it all.

Until then, PLEASE DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY!  What you may consider trash is certainly another's treasure.  Don't worry if the home is in shambles...that's why you're hiring us.


Reasons For An Estate Sale

There are several life-changing events that facilitate the need for/reasons for an Estate Sale:

Transition to Assisted Living

Death of a Loved One

Named an Estate Executor



Sale of a Home

Purchase of a Home

Financial Hardship


Your Key to Relief

At SAGE PATINA we are empathetic, compassionate and grateful to have the opportunity to relieve your stress and ease the burden before you.  We charge a fee-for-service that comes out of the proceeds at the end of the Sale.  We have a contract that protects us both - you; the Client, and SAGE PATINA Estate Sales.  There are no fees or out-of-pocket costs for you!